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Chris Evans shares how his life is going during Quarantine time on an episode of Sunday Today

Watch the Captain America star Chris Evans giving best response while he talks to Willie Geist on a show.

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July 19, 2020
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Chris Evans will be appearing soon at the upcoming episode of Sunday TODAY with NBC anchor Willie Geist. This episode will be disclosing some of the amazing moments and facts of the actor that relates to how his quarantine time is going on. Before the episode, a short preview clip has been released where he is seen sharing something about his quarantine life. He is seen making fun of himself.

In the clip, Chris was asked how he and Dodger (his rescued dog) are carrying out the quarantine time in this pandemic situation. He responded mentioning yes, it just both of them, it seems to be stupid, but he consider himself to be an introvert.

Continuing with the conversation he just spoke that “I never shower,” but then laughing and correcting the same says he “showers all the time” after all he is a clean person he says. Being a big fan of the Patriots, he also talked about NFL star Tom Brady. It was about moving to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers leaving the New England Patriots. On this, he says he would never, ever harbor any ill will. 

It was him, who gave some of the best football memories over last 20 years that he ever had. He extended his regards to him. On being further asked about whether he will be supporting the new team of Brady, he says not to think of so far. However, he says if pats will not be at good front, the next team he will look into will be Bucs. The show Sunday Today is telecasted at 8.00 a.m on NBC.

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