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Check out the wild card entries in the house of BIG BOSS Telugu and what their fate in reality shows is

A glance at the wild card entries who are going to take entertainment to a next level in Big boss Telugu.

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September 26, 2020
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BIG BOSS Telugu TRP rating is already high and the makers always ensure that audiences are fully engaged and entertained. Spices are always added to the show by having some of players at the mid of the show through wild card entries. In the season 4 also there have been some:

Avinash Kalla made his wild card entry on 17th September. He is a comedian and a mimicry artist. It is also reported that he left the comedy show Jabardasth to be part of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Tamanna Simhadri, the first transgender who is in the house as a wild card entry. However she was soon eliminated due to her provocative gameplay. Kumar Sai a popular comedian was the first person to enter in wild card. With a lot of expectations, he is still establishing his presence in the house.

Nandini Rai, the host of second season was seen as a style icon and she had a good bonding with co-contestants, Tejaswi and Tanish in the show. Navdeep entered the house on 29th day and was considered as most entertaining one inside the house. He was third runner up of season 1.

Deeksha Panth was the other contestant who entered as a wild card. With her great performance and presence, she continued to entertain the audiences. Shilpa Chakraborty, a popular anchor as wild card entry was inside the home for more than two weeks, but she could not make it after that although she performed well in tasks. Apart from this the other contestants that made re-entry are Nutan Naidu, Syamala, and Ali Reza.

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