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Kristen Stewart
09 April 1990


Kristen Stewart is a well-known Hollywood actress famous for playing the character of Bella Swan in a vampire romance series of movies, The Twilight Saga. She was declared as the highest-earning American female actor in the years 2010 and 2012. Some of her movies have been huge hits while some have also been flops. She did not restrict her acting to a specific genre but she played roles in many genres. Fans love Kristen Stewart for her acting skills and beautiful looks in dramas and thrillers. She has also acted in some comedies. Kristen Stewart is a leading star in the American film industry and possesses remarkable talent.   

Early Life

Kristen Stewart has acting talent in her blood. Her parents John and Jules are prominent figures in the entertainment industry and have worked in both movies and television. Kristen Stewart has 3 brothers, one of whom is elder to her, and two other brothers are adopted children of the family. 

Kristen studied in school till 7th class, after which she started acting and studied till the 10th class through distance education. Kristen Stewart started working as an actress from an early age and has acted on television when she was just 8 years old. A film agent noticed Kristen Stewart after seeing her splendid acting in a school Christmas drama and signed her up for a role. She was given small roles after that. Her first performance in a Hollywood movie was in the 2002 movie, Panic Room. Kristen Stewart played the role of a Jodie Fosters daughter in this movie who was suffering from diabetes. 

Acting Career

Parents of Kristen Stewart worked in the film industry in non-acting tasks behind the scene. Kristen wanted to work as a writer or director in movies and didn’t want to attract attention as an actor. However, Kristen Stewart played a role in a school play when she was 8 and she started acting after that. Her first performance as an actress was in a Disney Television movie in which she was given a non-speaking role. It was the movie The Thirteenth Year, which is the first movie of Kristen. Kristen Stewart has played the characters of a tomboy daughter, ring toss girl, diabetic daughter, and other characters in movies. She has acted in thriller films. 

Kristen Stewart won the nomination for an award in the movie Panic Room in 2002. People admired her role in this movie. Kristen Stewart has also given some musical performances in movies.    


Kristen Stewart played the character of a young age singer in a 2007 movie for which she was given the Young Artist Award. The award was given to Kristen Stewart for the movie Into The Wild. It was a vampire romance role in the movie Twilight in the year 2008 that helped Kristen gain fame and praise from the public. Kristen Stewart was 17 years old when she did this movie. She received the Best Female Performance award from MTV for her role as Bella in Twilight. The movie was made on a story from the novel Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight was a series of movies and many sequels followed the first movie of Twilight in 2008. 

Her movie Welcome to the Rileys was appreciated a lot. Kristen Stewart gave a musical performance in this movie and she was given the best actress award for her role in it at Milan Film Festival. Kristen Stewart also won the BAFTA Rising Star Award for this movie in the year 2010. The actress was given the Cesar Award for a role in the movie Clouds of Sils Maria that was released in 2014. Kristen Stewart was also given the National Society of Film Critics and Boston Society of Film Critics Award for her acting skills. She played the role of Sabina Wilson in the 2019 documentary Charlie’s Angel.