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CarryMinati awarded with "Most Liked Indian YouTube Video" for his YouTube vs Tik Tok Video

CarryMinati’s YouTube vs Tik Tok video broke not one or two, but total 8 records

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May 24, 2020
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Every Twitter follower would have seen #CarryMinati #justiceforcarry trending in the last few days. Wondering what the trend is all about? Let's dig deeper into it.

CarryMinati is a popular Indian YouTuber, who uploads commentaries, roasts, rants and reaction videos the man behind this YouTube channel is Ajey Nagar, better known online as CarryMinati, or just Carry. One can estimate his popularity with the 5 awards he has as a YouTube Creator, one of Silver and Golden Play Buttons for CarryisLive and one of Silver, Golden and Diamond Play Button for CarryMinati.

The eight records by CarryMinati are:

1.   Highest numbers of subscribers in 24 hours (1.8 Million)

2.   Fastest Video to gain 1 million likes (1.5 hr)

3.   Fastest Video to gain 2 million likes (4 hr)

4.   Fastest Video for reaching the 3M, 4M & 5M likes.

5.   Most liked 2nd video around the globe in just the one day (5.2m)

6.   Highest number of Comments on Video (797k+)

7.   First and the Fastest Indian YouTube video to reach 10 million likes.

8.   Getting the highest number of subscribers in a single day and also one week.

CarryMinati, known for roasting shows and celebrities, uploaded the above-mentioned video as a response to TikTok user Amir Siddiqui's video. Amir posted the video calling out YouTubers for plagiarizing TikTok content and he also highlighted the unity of the TikTok community. Carry in response has dissected Siddiqui’s video, slammed his hashtags, and pointed grammatical errors and other shortcomings. But, on a "Frustrating Day" as per Carry, YouTube banned his video stating that it had violated their bullying and harassment policies.

However, when CarryMinati’s video got deleted, his followers got enraged they created hashtags, #JusticeForCarry and #BringBackCarryMinatiYoutubeVideo on Twitter. Thousands have been sharing posts in support of Carry and everyone wants his video to be back again and with such huge engagement, it seems they will not sit back until they get the video back.

By: P3enter10ments