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Bollywood Celebrities who are supporting for the cause of COVID-19 pandemic

Celebrities from Bollywood Helping the needy persons

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April 14, 2020
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Within the light of novel Corona Virus pandemic, from every corner of the India, bollywood celebrities have come up in the support of families who need the help most. They are being donating huge amount for this outbreak to the PM relief Fund.

Here is everything that you need to know about the list of donors, donating for the noble cause:-

Shah Rukh & Gauri Khan

Both the celebrities have stepped forward to help the needy persons affected by the Novel Corona Virus. On the day of April, 2nd, this year, both Shahrukh & Guari khan took the help of their instagram account to officially announcing the contribution towards PM cares fund. They announced that all their business centres like Red Chillies Entertainment, Kolkata Knight Riders, Red Chillies VFX as well as Meer Foundation are willing to bring some help for the government at this time. To look after each other, they wrote that India & all Indians are together one family and they are not alone at this time.

Beautiful Katrina Kaif

The gorgeous bollywood queen Katrina Kaif also pledged to inform about the contribution towards the PM cares fund. She contributed for the PM’s Citizen Assistance & relief as well as for the Maharashtra CM’s relief fund. She said it is very heartbreaking to watch the sufferings & hardship with this pandemic that has unleashed the whole world.

Kareena & Saif Ali Khan 

Both Kareena & Saif Ali Khan pledged to donate towards the fight that we all are fighting for the corona virus outbreak. In their latest post they have announced that Saif and I are contributing for the total of three humanitarian organizations: - Give India & international association for the human values and for UNICEF. At this difficult time we all are standing behind the PM & we all need to come together at this difficult time, all should come up with the solutions in terms of contribution or giving support to the needy ones by helping each other. Apart from that we are also donating for the Maharashtra in CM’s relief fund as well as for PM cares.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra are contributing for the undisclosed amount for the cause of daily wages workers & for their families due to the lockdown by COVID 19 virus. They have donated to the various organizations & NGO’s like UNICEF, PM-Cares fund etc. They both are encouraging many persons for doing the same. For the low income & needy families it is very important for them to get help. By helping the doctors, first responders, music- entertainment industry we can do whatever we can in this crucial time.

Alia Bhatt

The B town youngster Alia Bhatt has also come in front to the support of daily wages workers & pledged the support for the noble cause. By sharing the screenshot on the Instagram account, she showcased how tirelessly our workers are working to just make sure that each & every citizen of our country to be safe & secure. She further added- at this time of seriousness, when the nation reached the level of lockdown, the state as well as centre government workers are working strongly to combat the novel corona virus outbreak. The student of the year, actress, said – she is very thankful for the efforts that out doctors & giving to save the life of thousands out there. She has contributed for the PM cares & CM of Maharashtra’s CM relief fund as the gesture of support.

Kedarnath actress Sara Ali Khan

The Kedarnath actress gorgeous Sara Ali Khan has pledged to contribute to the PM-Cares fund along with the Maharashtra’s CM relief fund. She said I urged everyone around there to help & contribute for the Nation by fighting against this corona virus outbreak.

Vicky Kaushal

The handsome B-town star Vicky Kaushal, earlier to the morning announced that he is also contributing for the Prime Minister’s Cares fund. The amount that he had donated for the noble cause is 1 crore rupees during this tough face. He further added that he is very blessed to see all the doctors, paramedical workforces out there are together standing for this outbreak and helping each person. For the healthier & stronger future lets rebuild the nation & we can fight with this corona outbreak together.

The cute couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

The B town celebrity Anushka Sharma together with his better half and the captain of Indian cricket team now, Virat Kohli, took help of their Instagram account to further announce the pledge to support for the PM relief fund & also to the CM’s relief fund to continuing the fight till the last breath with the Novel Corona Virus. Our hearts are in hope & breaking by looking at the sufferings of huge people of every community so just in some way, by this we can reduce the pain of our loved Indians she said.

Evergreen Akshay Kumar

The big star of Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar also pledged to give around 25 crores of sums to the Prime Minister’s relief fund. On his social media he wrote ‘the matter here is of big concern & it is the matter of the lives of millions of people’. After that, Mrs Khiladi and author Twinkle khanna took help of the social media accounts to praise the gesture and support that her husband showed towards the people of India.

Handsome hunk Varun Dhawan 

Varun has also pledged to give around rupees 30 lakh for the PM-Cares fund for fighting with this novel corona virus outbreak. He tweeted about this in his twitter account by writing encouraging words for the fans as ‘we can overcome this & Desh (India) hai to Hum hain’.

Self made actor Kartik Aaryan

On the earlier morning he announced to contribute a total of Rs 1 crore for the PM-Cares by helping the needy ones & to let the country battle against the pandemic COVID-19 outbreak.

Greek God Hrithik Roshan

By showcasing the extended support for the Brihanmumbai’s Municipal Corporation, he pledged to contribute for the nation with the total sum of 20 lakh to the BMC workers & caretakers by taking help of the government of Maharashtra. Apart from that he has procured both the N95 as well as FFP3 masks for the workers of BMC.

Salman Khan

He has to add the financial assistance to around 25,000 daily wage workers around the film industry who's daily life has been affected by this outbreak.

Kriti Sanon

She didn’t reveal much about the sum but she urged followers to give further assistance to the government. She said we all are together with this fight; this will save the life of needy person.

Kapil Sharma

He has announced in his social media accounts to contribute to the PM care fund to fight back with this Corona virus. He has donated around 50 lakh rupees to the PM’s relief fund.

Everyone starting from the politician to the film stars, mango people & business typhoons are supporting for the cause of novel corona virus outbreak, we also pledged to contribute for the same and further motivating people to help the country in this difficult situation.

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