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Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar Gets Ready to Apply for an Indian Passport

Akshay Kumar gets questioned by media on this issue of Indian passport

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December 25, 2019
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Akshay Kumar assures all about applying for an Indian passport. The renowned Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has always been seen stuck in some controversies. Here is a new one about him. He was questioned about his national integrity some time before and many audiences in the social media did this to him. Today Akshay is in his ripe age of 52 years. Previously he has acted in a couple of patriotic films like Sainik and Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo. Yet he was criticized by the people of media that he has a Canadian passport and not an Indian one. Akshay assured all of them that he will apply for an Indian passport as soon as possible. The renowned start told that he got hurt when his integrity of nationalism was questioned just for a paper piece that is known as a passport. Yet he is now alert to follow the rules of Indian citizenship. The renowned actor said this at the Summit hosted by the Hindustan Times on Friday.

Reasons for applying for a Canadian passport

Akshay Kumar added that he got his Canadian passport during 1990s when his many action pack movies faced a flop. Thus he was planning to apply for jobs in Canada and this was the reason why he applied for a Canadian passport. Thanks to his good luck that after crossing his 30s his movies made a good performance at the box office. Thus he continued to stay in India to keep on acting in Indian movies. Akshay told that though he and his family are Indians yet for work sake he was also planning to apply for Canadian passports for them. The debate on the question of nationalism of Akshay Kumar got a good highlight among many sources of media. Yet thanks to his intellect that helped him to answer the media well on the question of applying for an Indian passport. 

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