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Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya accused Sonu Nigam on ‘selling lies’ to gain publicity and the war is on...

Divya Khosla, hit back Sonu Nigam on allegations against Bhushan Kumar and T- series.

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June 27, 2020
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It all started when Sonu Nigam posted a video after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death stating that not only Bollywood films but the music industry is also unfair with talented singers. Without taking the name of companies, he alleged that two of the top music companies are controlling the music scenario in the country and they are only deciding who shall be given a chance to sing here. He called them as ‘music mafia’. Thereafter he took strictly chairman and MD of T-series, Bhushan Kumar for defaming his image and not to mess with him.

The real war started when Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla hit back the singer and accused him of selling lies for the sake of publicity. She mentioned to the singer the contribution T-series has made in his career. The company launched him and his father is so grateful for the video, which she has directed. If he had some issues, he might have told earlier, but using this kind of publicity stunts is really thankless.

She also talked about how Sonu Nigam left the Company when it was in tough times. She has uploaded a video where she cleared that T-series has launched many newcomers and asked being a legend, whether the singer (Sonu Nigam) has promoted any new talents? How many have been given a chance from his end? Still, the answer is no one. She said that T-series has given work to more than 97% of people from outside the industry.

At the end, she says that she was not willing to make this video, but being inspired by Bhagavad Gita, she chooses to stand with the truth and declares that The War is ON!!

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