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Bhumi Pednekar making sensation with her Latest pictures

What is Bhumi doing during homestay! Do you wanna know!

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September 30, 2020
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Being the one who changes the feel is hard. If you see the life and acting career of this star then you will know how the drive has been. She started with being the homely girl in Bollywood, but today if you see her Instagram pictures you will know how beautiful and hot she is. Let's explore more of her vibes and pictures.

1. The Birthday Vibes:

Sometimes all you need is self-love. You wanna be with yourself and enjoy the time with yourself. She is having her special birthday cake and posing with love. This is sooo cute and shows how foodie she is. 

2. The glam look:

Oversized loose shirts are making her look dashing. This trend of her makes it more glamorous nude makeup looks warm and beautiful. 

3. The mermaid look:

This polka dot fish cut dress is absolutely out of box combination. She is looking beautiful and must say if mermaids are these beautiful then would wanna know more. 

4. The fitness look:

Neon shade fitness look is again a new add on, vibrant and classy a mixed combination for sure. 

5. The perfect click:

Sharing her morning wishes with her photoshoot click, fans have taken this picture with love and likes. 

6. Desi queen:

Girls look the best in sarees and this quote is again proven right by this queen of grace. Walking down the staircase in her perfectly tied saree. 

7. The chill scenes:

Staying back home in comfy wear and making sure your fans have an update on it, is by posting a picture like this. Chilling at home bhumi made it a way to express herself with this picture. 

8. Wake up look:

Waking up with the natural vibe, her perfect look and well-done nails. Seems like this is “I woke up like this” picture.

9. Time to bond:

Celebs have their own bunch of joy, and with special occasions they don't miss the chance to make each other feel special. This picture of Bhumi and Karan is truly loveable. 

10. Hot mess:

Beautiful and pretty this picture is a hot mess, this is exactly the opposite look to the roles that she has been playing in Bollywood.

Seems like these pictures are enough to show how different and beautiful this beauty is. We will bring back more sensational pictures of this star and many more.

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