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SidNaaz romantic track Bhula Dunga hits 50+ Million Views on YouTube

Starring Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaaz Gill: is ready to steal your heart

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April 14, 2020
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The famous singer as well as composer Darshan Raval has came up with the latest track of its own “Bhula Dunga” which featured “Bigg Boss 13” lovers Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaaz Gill or better known as SidNaaz. The video has already crossed around 30 plus million of views in few days after its release.

This 3-minutes 24 seconds track video amazingly describing the perfect essence of these modern-day romance in which female actress Shehnaz Gill leaves him but actor still stands tall in a hope of her return.

Whether it is about holding hands, having a kiss on her cheeks, playing superb love games to perfectly embracing each other, this video has everything for the modern day lovers. We can see a pure bond of SidNaaz in this love song. This song incredibly defines the nuances of cute love that somehow turns sour later.

The song is depicting that leaving true love is as difficult as finding it & Bhula Dunga Song is the perfect reflection of that. You can find that love is a beautiful thing that has various emotions like happiness, excitement, sorrow, peace, cuddling and a lot more. Although when you find that, the love you were getting suddenly starts hurting you back & delivering you pain then it is not the right time to stay you should let it go.

From the starting days of their own when they were in Bigg Boss 13 both Sidharth Shukla & Shehnaz shared a strong relationship of friendship & sweet romance. The Bhula Dunga Song which has already crossed 52 millions views is the first single between the two and it is expected to hit more views in near future. The chemistry between the two of them is beyond words & they done a fabulous job in Bhula Dunga with adorable looks & charm.

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