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Beyonce new song, ‘Black Parade,’ release is an anthem to support black-owned Business

A surprise Song from Beyonce ‘Black Parade’ on Juneteenth.

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June 24, 2020
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‘Juneteenth’ was the perfect day chosen by the pop singer Beyonce to surprise the world with her new song ‘Black Parade’. This day is celebrated as a holiday when the slavery officially came to an end. The song was much like a celebration on this day and was to support black-owned business.

The reason behind the song was empowerment and it was clearly seen that it relates to George Floyd, who was cruelly murdered. The song “Black Parade” was dropped at a perfect time, when the people are all one and they are persisting to fight against the system of racism and police violence and are demanding for justice. With this track, the singer has reminded to be proud of what you are, your strength and power.

With her vocal, she has been seen protesting anti-racism after the death of George Floyd. Recently while sharing a video on her social media account she urged for justice and said she felt broken and disgusted.

It was also mentioned that the proceeds received from this song shall be utilized for small companies and shops. As soon as the song was released by Beyonce, it went to the air through streaming services. With the beginning of the song she sings “I’m going back to south” So, with this, she says about the hometown, from where she actually belongs, it’s about the black culture and the womanhood.

Beyonce and Derek Dixie are the Co-producers of the song. The same has been penned by many famous writers which includes Beyonce, Blu June, Worldwide Fresh, Brittany Coney, Derek Dixie, Caso, JAY-Z and Kaydence.

Some of more surprises were given by the said star in the year 2018 by releasing the nine-track album ‘Everything Is Love’ with husband Jay-Z.

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