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Best Choreography of Naina Batra in Top 5 Dance Videos

Naina Batra - an emerging Choreographer over YouTube.

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October 2, 2020
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The YouTube dancing sensation & a famous choreographer Naina Batra is known primarily for her Bollywood dance videos. This dancing diva has around 600K plus of followers on famous video platform YouTube and around 170K plus followers on Instagram

She has been mesmerising with her dance moves from around 14 years and now with the virtual classes she is teaching different dancing skills to everyone around the world at no cost. If you are a lover of dance and have some passion for the dancing then you should also watch her top five dance videos that are very famous.

In these videos she has taken the internet on storm & shown her interest & talent for the dance.

Let’s check out the top 5 dance videos by Naina Batra:

A. 8 PARCHE by Naina Batra

The flow of moving body parts, the grace as well as the awesome beats making this dance choreography a much course for any student who is dance enthusiastic. Sung by Bani Sandhu, song “8 Parche” is featuring dancing Diva Naina Batra with all her attractive dance moves.

B. O Re Piya dance cover by Naina Batra

The all-time favourite single of Naina Batra herself, the song “O Re Piya” is just full of energy and enthusiasm for the dance. Choreographed by Naina Batra, the song featured the effortless energy with killer dancing moves. With detailed execution about the body moves, it is portraying flawless steps. The song is taken from the movie “Aaja Nachle” and with the brilliant voice of Rahat Fatah Ali Khan.

C. Patt Le Gaya-Surprise dance for bestie’s Wedding by Naina Batra 

The song Patt Le Gaya, choreographed by Naina Batra is for those who want to dedicate something amazing to their bestie on any special occasion. With traditional style of dancing, the song is defining true love for her Friend in terms of dancing steps that are breathtaking. Originally Sung by Jasmine Sandlas, the song is beautiful in its own way.

D. Manwa Laage dance cover by Manpreet & Naina

Taken from the movie “HAPPY NEW YEAR” with the singer Vijay Prakash & Neeti Mohan, the song “Manwa Laage” is stunning in its overall dancing moves. The choreographed version of the song has a brilliant composition of unique & elegant dancing steps. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this choreography with great cover by Naina Batra.

E. "Nainowale Ne" dance cover by Naina Batra

Naina Batra has nailed the show with her brilliant dance performance in this song. With eye-catching steps & brilliant costume, Naina Batra is a stunner in her expressions, dance & body moves. Neeti Mohan is the original singer of this beautiful song and the song is taken from the movie “Padmavat”.

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