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Bad Boys For Life The Biggest Hit In The Box Office For 2020 Till Now

The Third Edition Of The Original Bad Boys Is The Highest Revenue Earner

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May 12, 2020
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Will Smith’s latest movie will be the biggest real-time hit of the year 2020 if the coronavirus lockdown doesn’t end soon and no new movie reaches the top position. Bad Boys for Life is the movie in which the actor will be seen sharing the screen with Martin Lawrence. Both actors are seen in the posters of the movie in which they are holding a gun and a car in the background on the road and a helicopter flying high up in the sky. 

The first edition of the original movie by the name Bad Boys was released in the year 1995 and it has completed twenty-five years period since its first release. Bad Boys 2 was released in 2003. Now, the recently released Bad Boys for Life, part 3 of the original movie is in the top position in the box office and it has become a huge hit among the audience. The movie was released in the theaters in January 2020. It is the third part of the Bad Boys series of movies of Will Smith. The movie has a lot of action and comedy. 

Bad Boys for Life has been released in multiple formats in the market apart from opening up in the theaters. People can watch it on DVD and Blu-ray. If someone wants to take the movie on rent, they can ask for a VOD or video on demand. It is also available in a digital format on electronic devices. A large number of people are watching the movie on digital devices either by buying the movie digitally or through digital renting. Will Smith blockbuster is the most popular movie on digital rental platforms. 

The movie will be the biggest hit of 2020 till cinema theaters reopen for public watching of movies and new movies are released. It will be this year’s box office champion until the time the current coronavirus pandemic is resolved and the theaters start showing new movies. Bad Boys for Life is also reported to be the highest-earning movie worldwide till now. 

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