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Avatar 2 about to hit the screens Soon

James Cameron leaves us spellbound as he shares the first look of the sequel

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March 10, 2020
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Avatar was one of the amazing cinematic marvels of all time. Avatar (2009) earned the highest gross profit in the Hollywood, till Avengers: Endgame (2019) came on show. Recently it was seen that james cameron shared few of his first look of the avatar 2 that is about to hit the screen soon. Let's take a quick peep in to the social media pictures of this sequel.

1. The high animation look:

The picture is a true imagination look of avatar 2 coming out. Well defined high quality image. Avatar 2 Animation Look

2. The night avatar:

The next image that came out was a replica from the avatar 1. So there seems to have a reflection of it. Avatar 2 Night Look

3. The avatar head:

Known to be the main part of avatar this image has the zest of the series for sure. Avatar 2 Look and feel

4. Avatar 2 finally:

The beauty in the image of alien has only come out with the avatar series. This film has already won the hearts of people from its part 1 and now it's the time with the second one coming in. Avatar 2 Photo

So like these have got you excited for sure so now it's the time to book the tickets soon. 

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