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Arnold Schwarzenegger is excited for his promotion as Grandparent: Daughter Katherine is Expecting a Child Soon

Katherine and Chris are expecting their child this summer

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May 23, 2020
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Something magical happens when parents turn into Grandparents; it's every parent's fantasy. The "Terminator" star, Arnold Schwarzenegger who was last seen in Terminator: Dark Fate, is not an exception too.

Last month the news of Pratt and Katherine's pregnancy broke out. The couple got hitched in June, 2019. Katherine is now about to welcome a baby and embrace the joy of motherhood.

The Commando actor, Arnold is eagerly waiting for the arrival of his grandchild. He shared his excitement of Katherine's pregnancy and said "I'm really looking forward to playing around with whatever it is, she or he, and have some fun activities" on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed that the delivery of the baby is due sometime during this summer.

Hollywood actor is so damn excited that he has got all his plans ready to do crazy things and almost everything with his grandchild like:

● Together solving the Cuban Missile Crisis

● Killing Predators with bare hands in a team together

● Training dinosaurs on a mission and so on.

The Austrian-born American actor further says it's unique that the upcoming baby will have an impressive lineage. He mentioned all the gene pools involved from three prominent families Kennedy, Schwarzenegger and Pratt. Kennedy comes from Maria Shrive (former wife of Arnold) is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. He further says it's just a thought and nothing much.

However, the Terminator actor wishes that his grandchild should not inherit his accent. Furthermore, he jokingly added that if the worst thing happens, "If the kid ends up taking accent, you know, with my accent. That's what we don't want." LOL !!!

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