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Anusha Dandekar Reveals The Reason Behind Her Breakup With Karan Kundra

Anusha and Karan separated their way last year but the reason behind it is not disclosed.

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April 10, 2021
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Anusha and Karan hosted the show Love school but this also started their cute love story which is admired by their millions of fans. It is very disappointing and left the fans in shock when last year the couple separated their ways.

Anusha Dandekar in six months didn’t talk anything about her breakup. But recently during the question and answer session, she holds on Instagram one of her fans asked her about her breakup and how she is dealing with it, she said “You know, I wasn’t torn from the inside, I was more shocked & disappointed in what I had accepted all these years. When I stepped away and saw the reality of what was going on …how much self-love and self-respect I had allowed myself to lose… I broke my own heart…if that makes sense.”.

After that another one asked her if is in love with somebody right now, she said “Falling in love with me and finding someone who will make me ugly laugh like this hahaha, and also be HONEST, loyal and not afraid of a real woman.”.

Before the session, Anusha also wrote a post in which she mentioned that Karan cheated on her. Although investing all the time and love, the relationship didn’t work. She also advises people about self-love and confirmed that she is single right now.

Despite saying by Anusha herself that she is single right now, in one of the interviews Jason Shah said “We have been dating for a while and life has been beautiful with her. We haven’t thought of marriage but I can say that I am falling in love with her.”.

According to this, it seems Anusha this time does not want to share anything about her relationship but her fans always wish her a beautiful future ahead.

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