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Ana and Ben make new couple Goals

Ben in all mood for PDA

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April 22, 2020
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Gossips of love in the air has always been around Hollywood or Bollywood. This time gossip is big because it involves two big names. Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck, yes you read it right and these love birds are showing their love all around. Recently they were seen showing their love and growing closer. They have also been seen twining and creating couple goals.

On April 15, 2020, under the situation of COVID-19, the couple was spotted twining their face mask when they were out to take their dogs on a walk. The picture that came out showed the beautiful love between them when the love is growing every day. Just not the walks but the goals are also set on celebrating the occasions now, the couple also spent some time together by celebrating the Easter together on 12th April 2020. Easter being a special day seems to give us a hit of them making each other an important part of each other's life.

The talks have also hit that they both are having quality time indoors and are just stepping out of the house when they need to take their dog for a walk, the rest they stay back at home and enjoy each other's time. Ana is generally happy when she is around Ben, it seems like love is driving her crazy.

The love is just not growing indoors but they both have also been popular because of their PDA and this PDA is seen a lot of time on April 1st in one picture Ben was seen showing his love by kissing Ana’s head. Isn’t it cute?  The love story seems to have a perfect start for now.

The talks about the couple became stronger when during this pandemic the couple decided to be self-isolated together and stay together. Seems like the couple is planning to move in together forever. We all know that Ben loves kids and already has 3 kids from his ex-wife and maybe soon he and Ana might plan their future and move in together with each other. It could be a new start to both their lives where they both have a lifetime together.

During this quarantine, the only way to get a film-sim of their love story and the PDA is during the time they step out of the house to get their dog on a walk. They both are spotted well dressed and smiling in love always when together. Love is growing deep in them.

On March 23, 2020, when they were on a walk they kissed each other on the road, now this is something that we all might be thinking about. The PDA is now going big and they are not hiding their love; they wanna show it to all and spread love across. The couple seems to be having some quality time across.

If you have been thinking about what Jennifer Garner has to say about this couple then you will be shocked to hear that she is extremely happy for the couple and she wishes a happy life to her ex-husband.  So this gives a modern family looks where all are in their happy place. We wish for a happy life for the couple.

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