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Allu Arjun: Did you know his nickname is Bunny?

A look at the actor's unknown and interesting facts

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April 12, 2020
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Not just the south India but Allu Arjun has his huge fan following even in the north, this star has a global approach because of his action drama films. Did you know what's this star called at home or from his loved once, ya ya I know this an easy one, Bunny this name has been like allu’s first name? Allu Arjun has been a man of his charm and his charm also rules Instagram where his one picture has millions of comments and likes. Let us peep into this star's recent amazing picture and know what he likes.

1. The candid spark:

  1. Candid shots are always perfect. They show the inner you, and the same goes with this star who is seen all in his happy face laugh out loud. This is a pure picture for sure. A big man still laughs like a happy child.

2. The warm hug:

The closer the better, this is all about friendship. True friendship grows with time and this is what bunny has to say about this picture. A director and an actor bond the best if they become friends. One knows what another one is capable of. This is an adorable click. 

3. Humble click:

No matter what you become in life, modesty and humble nature are always respected. In this click, bunny is seen in a respectful gesture. 

4. The holiday vibe:

When the summer is about to hit bunny this picture is taking us back to the winter vibe. He is seen chilling with his friends on the snow land and playing with snow. This is a perfect holiday click. 

So these amazing pictures of bunnies are trending on social media for sure. 

By: P3enter10ments