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Alia Bhatt’s Wedding Scheduled for December 2020

Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor Wedding

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February 16, 2020
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Alia Bhatt is planning to get married to Ranbir Kapoor after the release of a new movie Brahmastra anytime at the yearend in the month of December this year. Brahmastra is one of the most ambitious projects and both actors are waiting eagerly for the release of this movie. The wedding of these top actors, the most favorite stars of Bollywood has been a topic of talks going around the film industry.

Open Magazine has published a report about the wedding of Alia and Ranbir finally taking place in December 2020. The actors were seen together in a wedding function of Ranbir’s cousin. Ranbir’s mom Neetu Singh was also there in this ceremony with the pair. According to a report, Alia wants to sign movies with easy roles from now on. The month of December will be a happy occasion for Alia when she finally weds Ranbir after her movie Brahmastra is open for viewing by the public in theatres.

The families of both the lovebirds have had meetings and they have sent invitations for the much-awaited wedding to their respective guests who are to attend the function. The invitation has been sent much in advance so that the guests can plan accordingly to manage time in their schedule for attending the wedding. Reports and rumors of Alia’s wedding have been circulating in Bollywood in recent times.

Alia and Ranbir met Rishi Kapoor recently when the veteran actor was unwell and admitted to a hospital in New Delhi for treatment. Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with having an infection and Alia went to see him along with Ranbir. People took photos of Alia and Ranbir at the airport when they returned from Delhi to Mumbai. Initially, when news of their wedding was reported in social media, Alia rejected these reports and shrugged it off. Now, it seems finally her wedding is finalized and her love story will come to a happy ending. Brahmastra is a to-be-released movie of Alia based on a theme of fantasy action. 

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