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Akshay Kumar: The Patriotic Spirit Of 'Gold' Will Connect With The Audience

Akshay Kumar's Gold; underlines sentiment of taking pride in one's National Flag and Anthem.

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November 3, 2019
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While the world continues with on-going cricket and football fever, khiladi of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is ready to deliver his patriotic front ‘Gold’. It is an upcoming film on hockey. Apart from this, Gold highlights the sentiment of taking pride in one’s National Flag and Anthem. Akshay Kumar is all set to introduce the lovely sports lovers what India achieved in another glorious sport of India ‘hockey’.

Akshay Kumar talks exclusively to Bombay Times about his recent upcoming release 'Gold'. On being asked what made him take up the film he said, Aaj se 200 saal pehle, hum kisi doosre desh ke National Anthem ke liye khade hote the. It was for the first time in the year 1948 that India, as a “FREE INDIA”, played hockey at the Olympic Games hosted in England. Although British had introduced the game to us, but in 1948, Indian Team went to England and defeated them on their soil. They stood up for our National Anthem for the first time it was being played on their land, and it was indeed a pride moment for free India.

Apparently in the last two years, there have been several debates on national television about standing up for the National Anthem and that it should be played at the beginning of every film. Akshay says in my heart, I believe that our National Anthem is extremely important and it must get due respect at all times. Call it a coincidence or fate when producers of 'Gold' Farhan Akhtar, Reema, and Ritesh Sidhwani brought a story to Akshay he was like “Scripts like 'Gold' are rare. I would just say that I am indeed very fortunate that such good screenplays are offered to me”.

The poster of ‘Gold’ showed Akshay taking out the Indian National Flag from his coat pocket and the teaser also laid emphasis on the National Anthem and the flag. There’s one thing more that is surprising, a greater co-incidence here. 'Gold' releases on August 15 and on August 12 is the 70th anniversary of India’s first gold medal as a free country at the 1948 Summer Olympic Games in London.

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