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Akshay Kumar Revels With B Praak Nupur Sanon as ‘Filhall’ Crosses 100 Million Sights

Akshaya Kumar’s latest album storms the bollywood music world

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December 11, 2019
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The latest news in the world of Bollywood music is that Filhall crosses 100 million views: Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon celebrate with B Praak. Six days before the noted Bollywood star Akshay Kumar gave a grand party to his fans on the launch of his music video for his movie Filhaal. In this movie Nupur Sanon is acting in his opposite role. This video has become a nice thing to watch. For this reason more than 100 million audiences have watched and appreciated it. The site of You Tube has hit with so much audiences after the movie video of Filhaal has been uploaded on it. Akshay also shared his views about his movie on Twitter and he thanked B Praak for giving a wonderful music contribution.

Akshay thanks B Praak to give a melodius music in Filhaal

The director Azeem Dayani and the lyricist Arvinder Khaira was also thanked by Akshaya and Nupur Sanon who are starring opposite to each other in this grand new movie Filhaal. In this movie B Praak has given a nice music ballad. Akshay Kumar mentioned his opinion about the music of his movie and told that B Praak has done a marvelous work concerning the music of his new movie. He also added that he was not aware that the music of this movie will get so much great response on sites like Twitter and You Tube. You can see a video on You Tube in which Akshay, Nupur and B Praak are in a car and are listening to the music of Filhaal.

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