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Adorable Alia Bhatt in her Insta Clicks

Alia has been taking insta over her with her adorable and cute pictures

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May 20, 2020
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Alia is among the most gorgeous and talented actresses in the current Bollywood industry, be it a barbie doll look in the student of the year or a serious women-oriented look in Razi Alia has made sure to do her best. Recently Alia has made sure to post regularly on Instagram and all her pictures are beautiful. Let's look at them and know what's happening in the star life with her pictures.

1. The sun kiss:

Alia is looking flawless in her sun kissed look. She is pretty and beautiful. This picture of her holds the inner beauty of her. A perfect mirror image to her inner soul.

2. The beach view with Alia:

Alia is seen enjoying the beach tour by admiring nature. She is simple yet beautiful. She is all out of the glam world setting up her own little place of joy.

3. The Desi beauty:

Every mother loves when she sees her daughter in the desi look and I am sure this look might have made us all fall in love with her desi-ness. She has carried it with so much perfection.

4. The wedding diary:

Alia is all grown up and seems ready for the wedding time. She is all decked up in the lehenga choli to go out and show her bride look. Is this picture giving us hits about Alia's wedding?

5. The wrapp look:

This is a wrapped dress which fits perfectly. She looks formal and smart for sure.

6. The winning face:

We all wanna win in our life, but Alia has just not won this award but she has also won people's hearts. She is ruling with her baby smile. That is a perfect candid.

7. The pastel look:

Pastel is in trend and Alia has wore this simple pastel colour outfit and she is looking hot and beautiful.   It is calm and elegant.

8. Zoom in beauty

Another click from her perfect light shade dress where she is zoomed in and her make up is also so subtle.

9. The Barbie doll:

She is a true barbie doll, she carries the innocence in her eyes and the glam on her face. She is adorable for sure.

10. Simply adorable look:

No makeup look can sometimes be so pure and beautiful, look at the diva she is so pretty and calm.

These pictures of Alia have been popular on Instagram and a lot of fans have been showing their love out. I hope to see more amazing pictures coming out. 

By: P3enter10ments