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Views of people are stirring on Netflix show - Indian Matchmaking.

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July 31, 2020
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Indian Matchmaking is a documentary television series that is based on Indian arrange marriages. The show has been taken up in 8 episodes. The story revolves around the famous Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia who is Mumbai based and how she carries on with different clients taking their preferences for finding a perfect match. She handles the biodatas of different mates from some of the rich families from the US and India and finally brings them together to be a prospective spouse. The series took many important facts on arrange marriage relating to its origin, the compromises made in the said marriage, existence of social evils and many more aspects.

Speaking on the said topic Sima Taparia says that her work is much related to goodwill. She comes across so many people at different places who are looking for a good match for their son or daughter and she speaks to them. She says that she personally meet them and check their lifestyle.

The series is produced by Smriti Mundhra and the cast includes Sima Taparia, Aparna Shewakramani, Jay Wadhwani, Pradhyuman Maloo and Nadia Christina Jagessar. The show was released on 16th July, 2020. After it went on the air, within two weeks it reached on the top chart of Netflix. 

From the views end, it is getting a mixed response. Many jokes and memes were flooded in the social media. Some of the viewers are appreciating as it depicted some dark facts about the arrange marriages. To conclude with the show has narrated that although there has been education and financial independence still nothing has changed the idea that in a marriage, a girl needs to be flexible.

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