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The 7 inspiring Male characters from Bollywood film industry from which you can learn something

7 most favourite male Bollywood characters that everyone falls in love with.

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October 24, 2020
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The Indian film industry is equally known by both its outstanding actor and actress. If the actresses are proving themselves in this industry, the actors are too redefining the level of their performances. It is also said that Bollywood is known in world because of some of the great actors and their remarkable performances in some of the movies. So, let’s see some of the great male characters seen in some of the great movies that have inspired the people a lot and there is something to learn from them:

Shahrukh Khan - Baazigar 

Shahrukh Khan known as the king of Bollywood is known for romantic movies. But at the beginning of his career, he took some of the villain characters that were loved by the people. In Baazigar movie, the way an ordinary boy took back his Dad’s business from Madan Chopra drive away everyone. His role as a lover boy, as a son, as a business person was amazingly performed by Shahrukh. This was one of the memorable characters in Bollywood that highlights the realism, morality and humanity.

Rajkumar Rao - Newton

Rajkumar Rao is known for his powerful performance. He played a role of government clerk in the movie and this time also he proved that there is no role, which he cannot justify. His role depicts high idealism, revolutionary and the fear which an ordinary man comes across in his life. The character is sent on election duty in a Naxal area where he fights to conduct the voting fairly. The way he plays the role is much related to real-life of any person who is asked to do something out of his job responsibility. He was a real source of inspiration in this movie. 

Imran Khan - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

The movie is a cute love story of two young people. In this story, Jai is a wonderful guy who has a gang of his friends. He loves his mother and friends. He never fights as his mother doesn’t want him to. For the first time he raised his hand was to defend his love. The way the two friends realize that they love each other at a point of their life is much related to the life of any boy in his college life or afterwards. At the end, he even rides to stop his love from leaving and confessed his love. His entire journey of love teaches to get the love no matter what the situation maybe even if you need to do something that is beyond your nature.

Irrfan Khan - Angrezi Medium

Irrfan Khan no doubt is one of the most versatile actors ever seen in the industry. He is well known for the some of the extraordinary role he played in many of the films. One of such role is a single father he played in Angrezi Medium. He was a real hero not only on the screen but off the screen during that time. As Champak he tried his level best to fulfil his daughter’s dream of studying abroad. He travelled to the other country with a false identity and even sells his generation business to arrange money for studies of his daughter. Lucky are those who have such a father in their life who sacrifices everything for his child. 

Ranveer Singh - Gully Boy

Murad is the role that is played by Ranveer Singh in Zoya Akhtar’s movie Gully Boy. He is a struggler who talks about the social issues and how is his life in Dharavi through rapping. The story is all about how he struggles to get his name as a rapper as he is different from those of stereotypes. His life changes when a local rapper called Srikant alias MC Sher enters into his life. Murad is a hard-working guy and he loves a girl called Safina. His complete life is much related to any ordinary guy who has dreams and lives in a small place. Their life has so many problems still they struggle to chase their dreams.

Ayushmann Khurana - Article 15

An IPS Office Ayan Ranjan fight against the caste system and the crimes that are being done at the rural India. Since he is a modern man, when he posted on the rural area, fails to understand what is happening at such places and he is not aware of caste issues being faced by the people at that places. Later on, he grows and tries to fix all those ill practices. The way his story goes on depicts how a real human he is. He found himself to be close to self in this movie. 

Ayushmann Khurana - Dream Girl

The character name was Karamveer Singh who used to work in drama in his locality and gets a job where he used to talk in girls voice over phone with people. He talked as puja and later on, things went so real that he could not leave the character puja. Being so, he discovered that there are so many innocent people who are lonely and need support and company. He tries to do something for these people and he never felt ashamed of it. This character worked for the people of society and helped them to overcome from loneliness. It relates to many people who never think of themselves and try to work for society.

So, these were some of the characters that left a great impression on the audience and they will be always remembered by people. Although it is said that movies are the reflection of the real-life and the characters in them are so related with everyone’s life in some or the other way. The actors from industry have been depicting some of the fascinating characters from black and white era till today. Every person in the world relates himself to some of the characters of the movie in many aspects. 

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