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5 Hollywood Female Actress That will remain in the heart forever

For many people these characters were not merely a character but an emotion.

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November 9, 2020
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Movies may come and go but the characters remain in heart forever and sometimes the movie characters are written in such a manner that they become an important part of our daily life. After being inspired by the real-life events & other times the moment we start daydreaming about those characters our hearts fall for them without any doubt.

Here are five iconic leading female characters from the Hollywood movies that went into our heart forever with its characters & in future also will remain forever:-

Lara Croft

As many of us are fully aware about the character Lara Craft who was in Tomb Raider Video Game as well as in the movies of Tomb Raider, well, she was every gamers’ fantasy still now.

When Lara Croft was first turned into the movie with none other than gorgeous Angelina Jolie who took millions of hearts with her appearance as a sexy archaeologist in Tomb raider, many people put this character in their hearts forever.


In addition to leading characters Brown, Hartley, & Captain Smith, the evergreen movie Titanic also features some of the historical figures that went straight into the heart of audience with the addition of an incredible story.

Remember the famous & iconic character Rose from the movie Titanic, when you think of Rose from the evergreen movie Titanic, many 90’s heart immediately goes to the scenes that had captured this amazing beauty & a wonderful actress in her glorious Avatar.

In all manners, she is really a breathtaking beauty. Even after the decades, Rose continues to take the breath away from everyone with her innocence in the movie Titanic.

Catherine Tramell

The ever-gorgeous character Catherine Tramell in piecing gaze was like a magnet that sneaks into your soul forever. The character of Catherine Tramell was played by Sharon Stone in the movie basic instinct in which a police detective was an in-charge of an investigation related to the brutal murder and in this brutal murder a beautiful & seductive woman was involved.

Princess Leia

The list of top 5 iconic roles will remain incomplete without the addition of Princess Leia who had stolen more hearts than any other Disney princess would take. Sibling of leading character Luke Skywalker made each & every man bow down to his performance & together move into the planet of Alderaan for lifetime. This leading female character Princess Leia which was performed by late Carrie Fisher will remain forever young in the history of Star Wars. She was Rebel Alliance's one of the greatest leaders with an ability of being fearless in the battlefield.

Vivian Ward

Simply gorgeous, vivacious & beautiful Miss Vivian was everyone’s crush at that time. Played by the leading actress Julia Roberts, the Pretty Woman's character Vivian Ward was purely an iconic one and even today after many years she continues to remain every guy’s dreamy girl.

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