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10 things we bet You didn’t know about Kristen Stewart, especially the Seventh one!

Actress Kristen Stewart has won millions of hearts with the role as Bella Swan in “Twilight”.

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June 1, 2020
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Kristen Stewart is an extremely popular actress whose career is on the rise and will soon be starring in the highly anticipated remake of “Charlie’s Angels.”

Here are some more unraveling facts about the actress to gaze upon:

1. She has set the record of ‘Best Kiss’ with Robert!

Not once but four times in a row, Stewart won the award for MTV’s “Best Kiss”. This led to a record-setting for both consecutive-kiss wins and  several “Best Kiss” awards for a duo in MTV history.

2. She was the Highest-Paid Actress in the World in the year 2012

Kristen was only 16, with her impressive earnings of $34.5 million from May 2011 to May 2012 topped the Forbes list of highest-paid actresses.

3. She has musical talents!

Stewart is musically inclined, she sings and plays guitar. She did both in “The Runaways” and she sang in      “Into the Wild.”

4. She gifted a turtle to actor Josh Hutcherson for his birthday.

On Hutcherson’s 13th birthday, Stewart gifted him a turtle, named Bob. However, in 2012 Bob died after Hutcherson went out of town and his friend forgot to take care of it.

5. She has a soundproofed room in her home in California.

Stewart has a party house where she has one room that's soundproof so she can play the drums loud.

6. Joan Jett loved Stewart’s portrayal of her.

In 2010 in the film “The Runaways," Stewart portrayed Jett. After watching the film, Jett said Stewart was “authentic."

7. Her eyes are Actually green; she wore contact lenses in “Twilight.”

Yes, Kristen's eyes are naturally green and had to wear contact lenses to become Bella every time. As the green color of eyes could make her stand out more, but apparently Bella needed to blend.

8. She was discovered at the age of 8!

An agent found her from an elementary school play; she was participating when she was only 8. Then she started learning everything before booked for a major commercial with Porsche.

9. Her love for acting came from her parents

Mother is script supervisor and father is stage manager, both are “hardworking crew members” who inspired her to work in the entertainment industry, although the acting wasn’t her first choice.

10.  She says a big NO to falling in love on set.

Stewart confessed recently that “she couldn’t help it” when she started romancing Pattinson, but with time she learned with her experience, the actress wouldn’t do it again.

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