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Top 10 Horror Bollywood Movies, Especially the Sixth one will get you Goosebumps

Bollywood has produced some gems in the horror genre too.

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June 21, 2020
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Here are 10 dreadful movies from Bollywood you must screen when looking for a good horror. From a haunted apartment to Aatma; with bone-chilling stories, these movies take you through hellish journeys.

1. Raaz

Mukesh Bhatt’s movie Raaj really made people come to theaters with “Do you want to know the Secret”. The story is about Aditya and Sanjana who head towards Ooty to save their marriage. She is haunted by a ghost who reveals dark secrets about her husband. The movie has been inspired by the Michelle Pfeiffer starrer 'What Lies Beneath'.

2. 1920

It gave a new definition to the trend of horror movies in Bollywood. From the house of Vikram Bhatt films, it narrated about a happily married couple without knowing moves into a haunted mansion. Wife gets possessed by a devil spirit further what unfolds is bloody gruesome. It depicted that love is made in heaven and revenge are born in hell.

3. Mahal

First horror movie of Bollywood, it deals with reincarnation. Simple yet small effects had continued to haunt audiences for decades. The movie was produced by Bombay Talkies studio and made Lata Mangeshkar famous. It was full of suspense and thriller and also the film was included in the British Film Institute's list, "10 great romantic horror films".

4. Ragini MMS

Inspired by the American horror 'Paranormal Activity' and partly based on a true story. This hit movie gave a lot of people few sleepless hours at night. The story is about the quintessential couple, Ragini and Uday, who were on a dirty weekend at a friend's farmhouse and find that they have been rigged with cameras all over.

5. Aatma

The story is about a mother who fights to keep her daughter safe from the ghost of her husband. Abhay, the husband after losing custody of his daughter to his wife, dies in an accident. But his spirit haunts his wife. Prepare yourself for some spine-chilling shockers. The movie was written and directed by Suparn Verma.

6. Raat

It is one of the finest supernatural thriller films Ram Gopal Verma has made.  In the new house, the daughter of a couple has a demonic spirit. The best part of the story is to see what happens when a kitten is killed and the leading lady is possessed with its spirit. It will further remind you "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" straight-up terrifying.

7. 13B: Fear Has A New Address

Ever thought of being haunted by a television set? Yes as strange this sounds, 13B has an impressive storyline. This was well known for its strong story and well-known cast. The lead actor Madhavan moves into a new apartment, 13B, on the 13th floor with his family and get stuck with some of the strange incidents.

8. Bhoot

This was the second horror movie made by Ram Gopal Varma after Raat. It is one of the most thrilling supernatural horror films and the star cast includes Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar in the leading roles. Bhoot is full of scary moments. It is said to be the scariest films of Bollywood.

9. Pari

A supernatural horror movie directed by Prosit Roy and was produced by Anushka Sharma. The plot is a man does everything to help Rukhsana, a woman who is abused and chained in a hut. But, everything is different when he observes horror under his own roof. The work of Anushka Sharma was praised so much in this movie.

10. Phoonk

This was yet another horror movie from the house of RGV and is based on superstition and practice of black magic. It worked very well in the box office and was another bone chilling horror. The plot of Phoonk is much similar to Telugu thriller novel Tulasi Dalam written by Yandamuri Veerendranath.

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