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007 film 'No time to Die' may need to reshoot some scene because of technology Advancement

Pandemic delay leads to upgrade the film with new technology.

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February 3, 2021
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James bond’s new series film No Time to Die has become a most awaited film which again needs to reschedule, because Bond can't use old models to catch the criminal so he needs upgrade gadgets.

According to the reports, the film may need to reshoot some scenes where James will be upgraded with the new gadgets of the same brand. The whole process is occurred due to pandemic, the actual date of the film releasing was in April 2020 but it postponed because of the pandemic.

The makers again decide the date for the film to be released in April 2021, but now they have to again reschedule the film because the delay made the technology old and they need time to upgrade the technology for the Bond.

If the film was released and James Bond would have used the old model it is not good for the sponsors such as Nokia and Omega, because through the James they presenting their models and technology advancement to the audience which will be no use with the old technology. They sponsor the movie with any kind of help the makers need by which their products must show in the movie by the character.

This is the reason that the maker needs to edit and reshoot the changes to make it up to date. The scene which might be reshoot is where James gadget expert Q gives him the latest technology gadget, now what will be the gadget and their detail is all kept in secret.

Still, from the inside sources, Nokia with their handsets, Omega watches, Bollinger champagne and Adidas footwear will launch their new technology changes.

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